Through Dr. Montessori’s philosophy, we provide significant learning experiences and opportunities to achieve the following goals and objectives.


Here are a few examples of goals for each child:

♦ Develop a positive self-concept
♦ Recognize the feelings and needs of others
♦ Develop habits to promote/maintain his/her physical health
♦ Grow in independence
♦ Develop a span of attention
♦ Develop proficiency in languageIMG_0882
♦ Develop eye-hand, fine-motor and gross-motor coordination
♦ Develop creativity
♦ Learn to express emotions in an acceptable way
♦ Develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually
♦ Stimulate curiosity about his/her environment


Goal:  to have the children develop proficiency in language.
Objective:  during daily circle time, each child will discuss his/her feelings and comment on the book, song, etc.